Get Lightning Bitcoin with Visa, Mastercard

without KYC but with fee

125k sat = $12,08

sat = $12,08

BTC Lightning Mobile Wallets

On this page you can convert fiat currency to satoshi (1 sat = 0.00000001 BTC) in Bitcoin Lightning Network with your Credit/Debit card with 3d secure payment (sms or other payment verification from your bank side). We use QIWI payment gateway so you enter your card private data on page hosted on this payment gateway website. It`s secure, please look at to check it. We will send you satoshi when payment status would be changed to 'successful'. Maximum transaction processing time is 24 hours. Please provide your contact info, we need it to solve any issues (such as invoice time expiration or payment refund), Telegram id is most appreciated. If you have questions feel free to contact with link below. Price here is higher than on any crypto exchange, because of payment gateway fee and other fees that charged on converting. Transactions is on semi-automatic processing.
Price = Binance Price + 5% Taxes + 4.5% Service fee